D-AICA Lufthansa Airbus A310-203 (MSN 191) „Neustadt an der Weinstrasse“

As one of the launch customers of the A310, Lufthansa received its first of 13 examples in March 1983. D-AICA (ln 191) „Neustadt an der Weinstrasse“ was the third build A310 and made its first flight on 05.08.1982, but was delivered to Lufthansa in early March 1984. While the first deliveries of that type began in early 1983, together with HB-IPE of Swissair and F-GEMF of Air France the first Lufthansa example was used for testflights and crew training during 1983. Between March 1983 and March 1986 Lufthansa received 13 examples of the General Electric-powered series 203 and took advantage of that type until 1995. In 1993 Lufthansa introduced low cost division Lufthansa Express and some A310s, A300s and Boeing 737s were transferred. D-AICA was one of the examples wearing the „Express“ titles until its phase-out in January 1995, when it was sold to FedEx and became N401FE. After freighter conversion same year, FedEx used it until 2009, when the carrier retired this aircraft and put it into storage at Victorville. Photo was taken at Frankfurt in February 1990.

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