DDR-ABB Interflug Airbus A310-304 (MSN 499)

In 1987 Eastern Germany’s national carrier Interflug ordered three General Electric CF6-powered A310-304. The batch should replace the carriers uneconomical Ilyushin 62 on its long-haul routes. Deliveries started in June 1989 with DDR-ABA (ln 498) and DDR-ABB (ln 499). On 23 October 1989 DDR-ABC arrived at the carriers base at Schönefeld, but with the fall of the Berlin wall few weeks later, the carrier slowed down its operations. In early summer 1990 Interflug opened a charter route from Frankfurt to Cuba on behalf of some tour operators, but the flights did not lasted for long. After Interflug’s cease in 1991, some aircraft were handed over to German Air Force as VIP transports. DDR-ABB made its first flight on 20.04.1989 and was delivered to Interflug on 30.06.1989. Since 1991 it was operated by German Air Force as 10+22 before withdrawn from use and sold to Mahan Air (now EP-MMX )in 2011.
Frankfurt 05 June 1990

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