Airbus A350 Frankfurt Operations

F-WWYB Airbus Industrie Airbus A350-941 (MSN 005)

On 25 July 2014 Airbus latest A350-941 testbed F-WWYB (l/n 005) made its first landing at Frankfurt International Airport.

After the prototype’s first flight on 14.06.2013 (MSN001 / F-WWXB), another four test examples were build in 2013/2014. Frankfurt International Airport got in contact with the Airbus A350-941 on 25 July 2014, when F-WWYB (MSN005) came from Iqaluit (Canada, Baffin Island) and made the types first landing here. The aircraft made its first flight on 20.06.2014 and is the fifth and last test aircraft build.

The dimensions of the A350-941 showing a lenght of 67 meters and a wingspan of 65 meters. Depending on customers configuration, in its six meters wide cabin it can carry between 283 passengers in a two-class (as Qatar Airways offers) and 440 in a single-class configuration. Powered by a pair of Rolls Royce XWB engines with 374kn thrust, the maximum range of the A350-900 is ca 14000 kilometers.


A7-ALC Qatar Airways Airbus A350-941 (MSN 009)

A7-ALC Qatar Airways Airbus A350-941 (MSN 009)



Schedules & Routes (20.12.2016)


Lufthansa announced Airbus A350 crew-training flights from Munich to other airports in Germany. The flights are planned during the weeks after delivery of the first example to Lufthansa on 21.12.2016. A two hour crew training will take place at Karlsruhe (FKB) on 23.12.2016 between 10:15 and 12:15 (loc)
A visit of D-AIXA at Frankfurt is planned for 07.02.2017.


A7-ALF Qatar Airways Airbus A350-941 (MSN 011)At present Qatar Airways operates a mix of A330/A350/B787/B777 on its Doha - Frankfut service Qatar Airways to Frankfurt.

OH-LWA Finnair Airbus A350-941 (MSN 018)Finnair received its first A350 OH-LWA on 06.10.2015 and soon after delivery the aircraft was used on some scheduled flights to European destinations. On 19.10.2015 OH-LWA the first time visited Frankfurt International, followed by another four visits in October and November. Finnair operates its A350 from Helsinki to Beijing, Shangai, Bangkok and London.
VN-A886 Vietnam Airlines Airbus A350-941 (MSN 014)Vietnam Airlines has suspended its A350 operations to Frankfurt.
Ethiopian Airlines on daily Addis Ababa – Frankfurt (ET706/707) Airbus A359 replaces 772LR from 26.03.2017
Thai Airways from 01.03.2017 to 24.03.2017 will replace on TG922/932 Bangkok-Frankfurt its 4 weekly Boeing 777-300ER by Airbus A359.

Planned A350-900XWB service remain subject to change.


Airbus A350 Deliveries (11.01.2017)



10.01.2017: first flight of A350-1041 prototype # 3 F-WWXL (MSN 71)


MSNRegistrationTypeCarrierDeliveredName HEX
089ET-ATYA350-941Ethiopian Ailines31.01.2017
0819V-SMJA350-941Singapore Airlines31.12.2016
079PR-XTGA350-941LATAM Brazil29.12.2016
0779V-SMIA350-941Singapore Airlines21.12.201676CDA9
075B-LRMA350-941Cathay Pacific31.12.2016
073B-18905A350-941China Airlines30.12.2016
071F-WWXLA350-1041Airbus A350K Prototype #3; ff 10.01.201738335A
070B-LRKA350-941Cathay Pacific01.02.2017
0689V-SMHA350-941Singapore Airlines10.12.201676CDA8
067VN-A891A350-941Vietnam Airlines29.12.2016
066B-18903A350-941China Airlines22.12.2016899013
064PR-XTFA350-941LATAM Airlines Brasil15.11.2016
0629V-SMGA350-941Singapore Airlines08.12.201676CDA7
061B-LRJA350-941Cathay Pacific10.12.2016780AAD
059F-WMILA350-1000Airbus A350K Prototype #1, FF 24.11.201638E83B
057B-18902A350-941China Airlines21.11.201689900F
056VN-A890A350-941Vietnam Airlines29.10.2016888123
0549V-SMFA350-941Singapore 15.10.201676CDA6
053A350-941Cathay Pacific02.12.2016780AAB
050HS-THCA350-941Thai Airways 11.10.2016885103
049B-18901A350-941China Airlines30.09.2016899000
046B-LRFA350-941Cathay Pacific22.10.2016780AAA
045PR-XTDA350-941LATAM Airlines Brasil29.08.201604012B
044HS-THBA350-941Thai Airways30.08.2016Wichian Buri / วิเชียรบุรี,885102
043ET-ATRA350-941Ethiopian Airlines16.08.2016Bale Mountains04012B
042A7-ALMA350-941Qatar Airways20.12.20606A01
0419V-SMEA350-941Singapore Airlines28.07.201676CDA5
040ET-ATQA350-941Ethiopian Airlines29.06.2016Simien Mountains04012A
039B-LREA350-941Cathay Pacific25.08.2016780AA5
038B-LRDA350-941Cathay Pacific23.09.2016780AA4
0379V-SMDA350-941Singapore Airlines01.07.201676CDA4
036A7-ALLA350-941Qatar Airways01.11.201606A100
035PR-XTCA350-941LATAM Airlines Brasil 19.05.2016E49249
034B-LRCA350-941Cathay Pacific16.07.2016780AA3
033A7-ALKA350-941Qatar Airways22.09.2016
032B-LRBA350-941Cathay Pacific25.08.2016780AA2
0319V-SMCA350-941Singapore Airlines28.05.201676CDA3
0309V-SMBA350-941Singapore Airlines16.04.201676CDA2
029B-LRAA350-941Cathay Pacific28.05.2016780A9B
027PR-XTBA350-941LATAM Airlines Brasil 18.03.2016E49248
0269V-SMAA350-941Singapore Airlines02.03.201676CDA1
025A7-ALJA350-941Qatar Airways01.08.201606A0FE
024PR-XTAA350-941LATAM Airlines Brasil 17.12.2015E49235
021A7-ALIA350-941Qatar Airways02.07.201606A0FD
019OH-LWBA350-941Finnair14.12.2014Oneworld c/s461F49
017VN-A889A350-941Vietnam Airlines02.12.20158880E7
016VN-A888A350-941Vietnam Airlines20.10.20158880E6
015VN-A887A350-941Vietnam Airlines18.09.20158880E5
014VN-A886A350-941Vietnam Airlines29.06.20158880E4
013A7-ALGA350-941Qatar Airways27.11.210506A0FB
012A7-ALHA350-941Qatar Airways07.03.201606A0FC
011A7-ALFA350-941Qatar Airways30.10.201506A0FA
010A7-ALDA350-941Qatar Airways11.06.201506A0F8
009A7-ALCA350-941Qatar Airways07.05.201506A0F7
008A7-ALEA350-941Qatar Airways30.10.201506A0F9
007A7-ALBA350-941Qatar Airways04.03 201506A0F6
006A7-ALAA350-941Qatar Airways18.03.2014ودانثيل / Sudanthel06A0F5
005F-WWYBA350-941Airbus Industrie20.06.20143827FA
004F-WZNWA350-941Airbus Industrie26.02.201438A0BB
003F-WZGGA350-941Airbus Industrie14.10.201338985B
002F-WWCFA350-941Airbus Industrie26.02.2014380ADA
001F-WXWBA350-941Airbus Industrie14.06.201338A6FB




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