83-4616 U.S. Air Force Boeing 727-35 (sn 18817 / ln 118)

A military career was not foreseen , when National Airlines received this Boeing 727-35 (sn 18817 / 118) in February 1965 and used it until the carriers merge with Pan Am in 1980. In January 1983 N4616 left the carrier and was sold to a leasing company. After some years operating for various carriers, it was sold to Boeing in January 1985 and after conversion to military standards it re-entered the stage now as a C-22A, operated by the United States Air Force as 83-4616 in October 1985. Seen in the late 1980s while arriving at Frankfurt conducting a VIP transport. Operations for this aircraft ended after 2005, when it was withdrawn from use and stored. Photo of 83-4616 was taken in July 1989 (Copyright © Dietrich Eggert).

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