4X-BAE Arkia Boeing 727-95 (sn 19249 / ln 304)

One Boeing 727-95 has been used by Israel charter carrier Arkia on leasing contract between April 1984 and April 1985. Pictured while on touchdown at RWY 07R in early May 1984, it was only a few weeks after 4X-BAE (sn 19249 / 304) returned from AVIANCA and so it is still wearing the colors of the Colombian airline. This Boeing 727 made its first flight on 16 August 1966 and was delivered to Northeast Airlines as N1633 following week. After the merger with Delta Air Lines in Summer 1972 it served with this carrier until 1977, when it was bought by Dan-Air and became G-BFGM. Five years later it was leased by AVIANCA as HK-2960X . After Arkia returned this aircraft in 1985, it was leased to Skybus, later World Airways and Key Airlines as N727ZV, also by Club Air as EI-BUI. In October 1993 it was scrapped.

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