N803SC ASC-Suncoast Airlines Boeing 727-27 (sn 19534 / ln 454)

This Boeing 727-27 (sn 19534 / ln 454) made its first flight in 29.08.1967 and was delivered to Braniff on 06 September 1967 as N7293. Braniff in 1976 sold it to Alaska Airlines, which used it until 1985 as N293AS (rr as N765AS in 1985), when new established McClain Airlines (Phoenix, AZ) obtained it. Re-registered as N100MU and converted into a first-class configuration, McClain went into bankruptcy in early 1987 and in May 1987 the then 20-year old Boeing was handed over to Suncoast Airlines, becoming N803SC. During the David Bowie concert in Berlin early June 1987, the jet was chartered as a „Tourbus“ for the bands and was parked at Tegel, where I could get a photo of it on 03 June 1987. Suncoast was filed for bankruptcy in January 1988 and the aircraft was bought by Venezuelan carrier Avensa, which mainly leased it to other South-American carriers during the 1990s. Last operator of N803SC was Avensa’s low-cost subsidary Servivensa, which took advantage until 2002, when it was withdrawn from use and scrapped at Caracas in 2004.

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