5A-DIB Libyan Arab Airlines Boeing 727-2L5 (sn 21051 / ln 1109)

Founded in 1964 as Kingdom of Libya Airlines, the carrier started first operations with three Caravelle VIR and Fokker 27 the following year. After the political change in Libya in 1969 the carrier was renamed to Libyan Arab Airlines and first Boeing 727-200 were purchased in December 1970. Over the following years the carrier could add ten more examples to its fleet. While the first two Boeing 727 were originally build for Continental in 1968 and 1969, later deliveries were ordered by the North African carrier to replace the Caravelles in 1975 / 1976. Pictured on 24.02.1989, Boeing 727-2L5 5A-DIB (sn 21051 / 1109) is only few seconds away of touch down at Runway 25L.

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