Photos: Köln-Bonn / Cologne (CGN) 13.07.2012 – On The Ramp

SU-GAY EgyptAir Cargo Airbus A300B4-622R(F) - cn 607
SU-GAY EgyptAir Cargo Airbus A300B4-622R(F) – cn 607

On Friday 13, 2012 Dietrich Eggert had organized a ramp tour at Cologne Airport, which was conducted by Cologne Airport Visitors Department and supported by local planespotting association AFC. Named after the fist chancellor of the Federal Republik of Germany, Konrad Adenauer, Cologne airport is one of the smaller airports in Germany, in comparision with Frankfurt it ranks on number six in passenger statistics (ca. 9,6 Millions in 2011). Compared with Frankfurt and Leipzig, CGN ranks on number three position with ca.750.000 tons of cargo in 2011 (and increasing numbers), resulting of a not existing night flight ban which enables main cargo operators DHL, FedEx and UPS moving freight between 22:00 and 6:00.

But not only during the evening and early morning hours cargo aircraft can be found at the airport – daylight also brought some surprises to the party. First we entered the cargo apron, with two Airbus 300 freighters parked there. „Seti 1“, an Egypt Air Cargo Airbus A300-622F (above) showed up with a belly full of fruits and some other goods for Germany. This aircraft is a converted Airbus A300-622, build and delivered to Egypt Air in Spring 1991. The aircraft behind SU-GAY is Solinair A300B S5-ABS.

The visitors deck gives a very good and unspoiled view over the airport and the approaching / departing aircraft. Entry is free of charge. Thanks again to Aviation Friends Cologne making the unforgettable tour possible!