Spottertour at Frankfurt International Airport 26.09.2019, 33 Photos

This year there was not much to do with the spotter tours at the Frankfurt International airport, as three out of four appointments were canceled.  So the only remaining date was on 26.09.2019 perceived, a slightly rainy Thursday at the end of September.

The rain stopped soon after when we started and we were already dry on the photo positions that Mr. Stiller of FRAPORT had chosen.

Granted, when the weather is nice, it’s easier. But when water comes into play, it looks just as interesting, as I saw in my first pictures. This type of „water games“ offered detailed shots from a completely different perspective – also there was no or hardly existing backlight due to the cloudy sky. Also fast made photos from the moving bus got a completely new view.

So enough of the words, here is the gallery:

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