N803PA Pan Am Airbus A310-222 (MSN 343)

Between 1985 and the take-over by Delta Air Lines in 1991, Pan Am operated a 21-strong fleet of Airbus 310 on its European routes, also on the Berlin-sector, which was only allowed to operate by the Western Allies. In 1984 Pan Am started a fleet modernizaion programme with orders for A300, A310 and A320 to replace the Boeing 737 and 727. The A320 – order was dropped, but seven Prat & Whitney-powered A310-222 were delivered to Pan Am in 1985 and 1986, followed by another 14 of series 300 from 1987 on. Airbus A310-222 N803PA „Clipper Munich“ was photographed at Frankfurt on afternoon of 17 November 1986, completing another Berlin run that day. After Pan Am had to cease its operations in 1991, N803PA – as all of the carrier’s A310 – was transferred to Delta Air Lines, which used it until 1995, when it was sold to FedEx, becoming N418FE. After cargo conversion same year it was in service with FedEx until 2012, when it was withdrawn from use and stored at Victoville.

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