TC-JCR Turkish Airlines Airbus A310-203 (MSN 370) „Kızılırmak“

Between May 1985 and April 1986 Turkish Airlines received seven CF6-80A powered Airbus A310-203, but pictured TC-JCR „Kızılırmak“ was originally ordered by British Caledonian Airways in an early stage of production. While two of the three ordered examples (G-BKWT / U) were delivered to BCal and operated between 1984 and 1985, delivery of line number 370 (G-BKWV) never took place. Airbus sold the left-over to Turkish Airlines in 1986 and was in use with the carrier until December 2001, when it was phased out and sold to Iran Air (as EP-IBP). In late 2010 Iran Air put it into storage at Teheran togehther with some other A310-200s.
Frankfurt, 18.08.1988

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