10+22 Luftwaffe Airbus A310-304 (MSN 499)

After the foundation of the Bundeswehr in 1955 and Germany’s rearmament within NATO following, only two years later the Special Air Mission Wing of Federal Ministry of Defence was established. Since 1957 the aircraft were operated by a Luftwaffe transport squadron in a rather civil airline colorscheme and performed flights for the West-German governement and military transport duties also. In 1991 German Air Force purchased all of the ex Interflug A310, followed by four ex Lufthansa examples between 1996 and 1999. Pictured Airbus A310-304 10+22 (ln 499) made its first flight on 20.04.1989 and was delivered to Interflug on 30.06.1989 as DDR-ABB. After Interflug ceased its operations in early 1991, this A310-304 was handed over to the Luftwaffe and used for executive operations until summer 2011, when it was withdrawn from use and sold. In November 2011 ex 10+22 found its way to Mahan Air, which is using it as EP-MMX.
10+22 was photographed at Frankfurt 29 May 1999.

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