Aviacijas Tehnikes Muzejs Riga – Aviation Museum Riga

000009-1000-16052012-2844Since 1997 the Aviacijas Tehnikes Muzejs at Riga Airport is a complete privately runned museum, showing various civil and military aircraft of the cold-war era in its exhibition. In its inventory  are mainly helicopters produced by Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant as the tiny Mil-1 and Mil-2 or large ones as the Mil-8 and the gigantic Mil-6 cargo-helicopter.

Soviet military aviation plays a large role in this museum, so you can find various fighters, bombers or trainer build by Mikoyan, Suchoi or Yakovlev.

Parked outside of the area is a Tupolev Tu-22M1 „Backfire B“, also a cockpit section of a Tupolev 104 ex Aeroflot. While most of the fighters are preserved in a good conditions, some aircraft have parts missing, but are maintained by volonteers. Best preserved aircraft are the helicopters.

The museum is located only two minutes away from the terminal.

Photos were made in May 2012