N8140G Toros Airways Boeing 727-191 (sn 19393 / ln 401)

Founded in 1986, Toros Airways started operations in Summer 1987 with a leased Boeing 727-200. In 1988 and 1989 Toros Airways could add 727s to its fleet, enabling the carrier to link European airports with Turkish holiday areas. Boeing 727-191 N8140G (sn 19393 / ln 401) made its first flight on 14.04.1967 and was delivered to Frontier Airlines as N7272F five days later. Over the following years it was operated by Braniff and Transbrasil, before sold to leasing company Corsair Ltd, which leased it to Torosair in 1989. N-registration only lasted in early May and this aircraft was re-registered to TC-AJR on 17.05.1989. The company was permanently in the critics and after an accident in August 1989, when an overloaded Boeing 727 strucked an ILS antenna some 300m behind the runway end at Ankara, so Turkish government revoked the company’s AOC for safety reasons. In December 1989 Toros Airways had to stop its entire operations and returned the leased aircraft to its lessors. TC-AJR returned to Corsair in January 1990 and was leased to different South American airlines. In 1996 Corsair removed it from service and put it into storage, where it was scrapped in July 1999.

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