Petition: Complete the 1957 Lockheed L.1649 Super Star!

After nearly 10 years of work, Lufthansa wants to shut down the „Starliner Project“, a complete restore of a 1957-build Lockheed L.1649 „Star Liner“ at Auburn Airport (Maine). The airliner is about 85% completed, the structure and engines are overhauled, when Lufthansa in March 2018 decided to shut down the works – while a few weeks ago Lufthansa recalled 60 years of  the first „Starliner“ service on Frankfurt – New York route in 1958.

Lufthansa Technik wants to separate the wings from the fuselage, box up all of the parts and ship everything to Germany, which means exactly this aircraft will never fly again.

This is must not be the fate the whole project deserves!

Please support this petition to complete the Lockheed Super Star Project at Auburn! (URL opens new window with



D-ALER Lockheed L.1649 (ln 1041) was one of seven „Starliner“ Lufthansa operated from 1958 to 1967. This „Starliner“ was  photographed in April 1958 at Frankfurt while on preparation to its next long-distance flight to New York. After the first Boeing 707 entered service with Lufthansa in early 1960, all of the „Starliner“ soon became obsolete and eventually were sold. Lufthansa used the surviving examples on its new established „Airbus“-service, an early attempt of low-fare flights throughout Germany. After the last L.1649 had left the fleet, the „Airbus“-service ended in 1967.  

Photo copyright @ Collection Ralf Drews