Frankfurt Routes Updates (15.11.2018)

Aircraft Replacements / Route Updates (15.11.2018)

updatedCarrierFlight Route to / from FRA Aircraft (actual)ScheduleAircraft (change)
03.10.2018Air CanadaAC844Calgary (YYC)B787-91 dailyB777-200LR (eff 31MAY19)
03.10.2018Air CanadaAC874Montreal (YUL)B787-81 dailyB787-9 (eff 01JUN19)
03.10.2018Air CanadaAC840Vancouver (YVR)B787-81 dailyB787-9 (eff 01JUN19 787-9)
18.09.2018Air ChinaCA431Chengdu (CTU)A330-33 weekly (257)High-Density A330-2 will replace Airbus A330-3; three weekly flights; eff 01.12.2018
16.10.2018Air ChinaCA931Beijing (PEK)B747-8I / B773 dailyfrom 28OCT18 – 30NOV18 CA931/932 777-300ER operates daily, replacing 4 weekly 747-8I and 3 weekly 777-300ER
18.09.2018Air ChinaCA935Shanghai Pu DongA330-21 dailyA359XWB operation; effective 01.12.2018
18.09.2018Air IndiaAI125Mumbai (BOM)B787-84 weekly (x146)B787-8 operation, four weekly (eff 28OCT18)
18.09.2018American AirlinesAA70Dallas/Ft WorthB777-21 dailyB788 operation from May 2019
28.09.2018Cathay PacificCX289Hongkong (HKG)B777-31 daily4-class 777-300ER (F6J53W34Y201) operation between 28OCT18 and 30MAR19;
01.10.2018Cathay PacificCX283Hongkong (HKG)A350-93 weekly (257)planned increase Hong Kong – Frankfurt service from 31MAR19; A359 operation
CX283 HKG1230 – 1840FRA 359
CX282 FRA2040 – 1345+1HKG 359
China AirlinesCI061Taipeh (TPE)B777-31 dailyA359 operation planned 01.12.2018 - 28.02.2019
China EasternMU219Shangai PuDong (PVG)B777-31 dailyA332 operation from 10.12.18 to 30.03.19
23.08.2018China SouthernCZ331Guangzhou (CAN) via Changsha (CSX)A330-23 weekly (135)A333 operation from 03.09.2018; two class configuration
08.10.2018CondorDE2082Austin (AUS)B767-3two weekly 14planned two weekly B763 operation (30MAY19 - 26SEP19) cancelled and reservation closed on 05.10.18;
01.11.2018CondorDE2359Kuala Lumpur (KUL)B767-33 weekly
Delta AirlinesDL086Detroit (DTW)B767-31 dailyA359 operation planned 12.01.2019 - 17.01.2019
Etihad AirwaysEY001Abu Dhabi (AUH)B787-91 daily28OCT18 – 13DEC18 2-class 787-9
14DEC18 – 04FEB19 3-class 777-300ER (selected dates with 3-class 787-9)
05FEB19 – 30MAR19 2-class 787-9 (3-class 777-300ER on 22MAR19)
Etihad AirwaysEY007Abu Dhabi (AUH)A330-2daily28OCT18 – 13DEC18 2-class A330-200
14DEC18 – 23JAN19 3-class 777-300ER
24JAN19 – 29MAR19 2-class A330-200 (2-class 787-9 on 22FEB19)
Ethiopian Airlines ET706Addis Ababa (ADB)A350-9dailyA359 service until 26.10.2018
18.09.2018IcelandairIC520Keflavik (KEF)B752 / B753dailyB757-3 operation from 15.05.2019
15.10.2018IcelandairIC522Keflavik (KEF)B73MAX9One flight on 23FEB19, 3 weekly 06MAR19 – 30MAR19, 6 weekly 20SEP19 – 29SEP19
18.09.2018Korean AirKAL905Seoul-Inchon (ICN)B747-8daily28.10.2018 - 31.01.2019
B777-300ER replaces 747-8I
Baku (GYD) - Pune (PNQ)A319x157 eff 28OCT18; with technical stop at Baku:

Privatair Boeing 737 operation 01.02.2019 - 30.03.2019
LH768 FRA1150 – 0040+1PNQ 73W x2
LH769 PNQ0210 – 0635OTP0705 – 0845FRA 73W x3
with technical stop at Bucharest.
11.10.2018LufthansaLH599Addis Ababa (ADD)A330-35 weeklyeff 31MAR19 A340-300 service operated by CityLine, replacing Mainline A330-300 operation
11.10.2018LufthansaLH648Almaty (ALA)A330-34 weekly01SEP19 – 06OCT19 Mainline A340-300 replaces A330-300, 4 weekly
LufthansaAstana (TSE) – Almaty (ALA)A330-33 weekly02SEP19 – 06OCT19 Mainline A340-300 replaces A330-300, 3 weekly
08.10.2018LufthansaLH468Austin (AUS)A330-3 x24eff 03MAY19
15.10.2018LATAM BrasilLA8070Sao Paulo Guarulhos (GRU)B773dailyEff 03.11.2019 LA8070 GRU2240 – 1335+1FRA 359 D / LA8071 FRA1945 – 0450+1GRU 359 D
LufthansaLH456Los Angeles (LAX)747-8I / A340-6daily
LufthansaLos Angeles (LAX)B747-8Idailyeff 04MAY19 Seasonal 2 daily service operated by 747-8I, instead of 1 daily each 747-8I/A340-600
LufthansaLH590Nairobi (NRO)A330-300 / A340-300 eff 31MAR19 5 weekly A330-300 / A340-300 service
LufthansaLH500Rio de Janeiro (GIG)B787-8Idailyeff 31MAR19 747-400 continues to operate, replacing 747-8I in NS18
LufthansaLH600Tehran (IKA)B747-4dailyeff 31MAR19 A330-300 replaces 747-400
LufthansaLH416Washington DullesA330-3dailyeff 19APR19 Seasonal 2nd daily LH416/417 operated by A330-300
08.10.2018LufthansaLH488San Jose (SJC)A340-3 x15service ending 28OCT18;
LufthansaLH444Atlanta (ATL)A340-3dailyeff 01SEP19 Mainline A340-300 replaces A330-300
LufthansaLH772Bangkok (BKK)A340-3dailyeff 31MAR19 A340-600 replaces A340-300,
LufthansaLH720Beijing (PEK)A340-6dailyeff 31MAR19 747-8I continues operating 1 daily, replacing A340-600
LufthansaLH438Dallas (DFW)A330-3dailyeff 31MAR19 A330-300 continues operating instead of planned A340-6
Qatar AirwaysQR067 / QR068
QR069 / QR070
Doha (DOH)A380
2 dailyeff 31.03.2019
15.11.2018Thai AirwaysTG922Bangkok (BKK)A380 / B773A380 day 126;
B773 day 4
eff 15.12.2018
15.11.2018Thai AirwaysTG920Bangkok (BKK)A380 / B773A380 day x156;
B773 day 156
eff 15.12.2018
16.10.2018WOW airKeflavik (KEF)A321eff 20MAY19 Increase from 11 weekly in S18 to 12 weekly, A321 operating
WW760 KEF0600 – 1150FRA 321 D
WW762 KEF1130 – 1715FRA 321 x37

WW761 FRA1235 – 1415KEF 321 D
WW763 FRA1800 – 1945KEF 321 x37



 All schedules are subject to change regarding days, times, aircraft type and frequencies.