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Dear Readers,

after we learned about the world-wide interest about plane spotting at our airport, now it is time for some words regarding this site. Frankfurt Aviation Friends was founded on 19 March 2011. The same day a decision to release a website was made and a first page was released a month later. Improvements were made between April and November and with the move to a new server 17 NOV 2011 the layout changed into a more professional designed front-end with informations and photos.

In our board FRA-Spotterforum (which is also part of Frankfurt Aviation Friends) registrated users have the opportunity to share the hobby with other planespotters. Athough the forum and website runs in a German languaged version, we also support the English language.

Due to administration reasons, registration at FRA-Spotterforum.de is deactivated. If you are interested to register, please send us a mail with your request to info2(at)frankfurt-aviation-friends(dot)de

A new feature is the Live Flight Schedule, which will replace the static schedule by 07.09.2012.
Another feature is the display of sunset / sunrise (FRA local times).  
We hope, our informations about the plane spotting at Frankfurt could help you in many ways getting good photos of aircraft.

Frankfurt Aviation Friends is a non-profit association of aviation enthusiasts and can not guarantee the accuracy due to possible last-minute changes, does not offer reservations , pricing info, and is not affiliated to any airlines mentioned.

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Download our photos are restricted to our written permission. All rights are reserved. Please contact us via info2(at)frankfurt-aviation-friends(dot)de
Ralf Drews – Frankfurt Aviation Friends (Webmaster)


Ralf Drews (Webmaster)
– Frankfurt Aviation Friends (FAF) –
Höfer Weg 78
D-61184 Karben
Tel: + 49 (0) 6039-932899
E-Mail: info2(at)frankfurt-aviation-friends(dot)de

Für den Inhaltlich Verantwortlicher: Ralf Drews

Alle auf der Seite Frankfurt Aviation Friends (FAF) gezeigten Bilder, Logos und Texte unterliegen dem Copyright der Fotografen und Autoren und dürfen ohne ausdrückliche schriftliche Zustimmung der Eigentümer / Autoren weder privat noch gewerblich in irgendeiner Form veröffentlicht werden.

Für Anfragen zur Verwendung von Fotos: info2(at)frankfurt-aviation-friends(dot)de

Frankfurt Aviation Friends (FAF) ist eine private Interessengemeinschaft. Sie übernimmt nicht die Haftung für die Inhalte externer Links.

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