Lufthansa (LH / DLH) – update 11.12.2018

Update 11.12.2018

Service increase on Frankfurt – Billund, CRJ9 operation (from 31.03.2019)

LH834 FRA0720 – 0835BLL CR9 x6
LH835 BLL0915 – 1040FRA CR9 x6


Update 08.12.2018 

After the demise of Privatair on 05.12.2018 Lufthansa will end Pune operation in February 2019. Currently Lufthansa operates an Airbus A319 (C44Y72) on Frankfurt – Baku – Pune routing, with Baku as technical stop.


LH768 FRA1030 – 1805GYD1850 – 0050+1PNQ 319 x157
LH769 PNQ0210 – 0610GYD0655 – 0915FRA 319 x126


Update 02.12.2018

Lufthansa on Frankfurt – San Diego route from 31.03.2019 on A343 will replace planned mix of A343/A346

LH466 FRA1000 – 1320SAN 343 x25
LH467 SAN1505 – 1120+1FRA 343 x25

Update 24.11.2018

Lufthansa S19 European network additions (ex FRA)2

Frankfurt – Bodrum eff 14APR19 1 weekly A319
Frankfurt – Irakleion eff 13APR19 1 weekly A319
Frankfurt – Tivat eff 13APR19 1 weekly A319


Update 17.10.2018

Lufthansa will resume Pune operation beginning on 28OCT18. Instead of Privatair B737-700 the carrier will operate Airbus A319 (C44Y72) on routing Frankfurt – Baku – Pune, with Baku as technical stop.

LH768 FRA1030 – 1805GYD1850 – 0050+1PNQ 319 x157
LH769 PNQ0210 – 0610GYD0655 – 0915FRA 319 x126

From 01FEB19 to 30MAR19, schedule and inventory listing shows the Star Alliance carrier using leased Privatair Boeing 737-700 aircraft, operating Frankfurt – Pune – Bucharest – Frankfurt routing 6 times a week, replacing planned 4 weekly Frankfurt – Baku – Pune on board A319.

LH768 FRA1150 – 0040+1PNQ 73W x2
LH769 PNQ0210 – 0635OTP0705 – 0845FRA 73W x3


Lufthansa CityLine

With beginning of Summer schedule 2019, Lufthansa CityLine will start its MUC – feeder flight operations with an A319 taken over from Lufthansa. Another 5 aircraft will follow by the end of 2020.



On 28.09.2018 Lufthansa AG approved the purchase of 27 short- and medium-haul aircraft (24 Airbus A320neo and three A321neo). Ten of the 27 new aircraft are intended for SWISS, the remaining aircraft will be in service by other flight operations withinLufthansa Group. The ordered aircraft will be powered by Pratt & Whitney (PW1100G) and  CFM LEAP-1A engines.



In September 2018, the Lufthansa Group airlines welcomed around 13.7 million passengers. This shows an increase of 8.8 percent compared to the previous year’s month


Update 13.10.2018

„5 StarHansa“ titles removed on A320 D-AIZX (seen FRA 12.10.2018)

Summer 2019 Lufthansa long-haul routes update:

Frankfurt – Abuja – Port Harcourt 31MAR19 – 01MAY19 Temporary reduction from 7 to 6 weekly, A330-300 operating
Frankfurt – Addis Ababa eff 31MAR19 A340-300 service operated by CityLine, replacing Mainline operation. 5 weekly
Frankfurt – Almaty 01SEP19 – 06OCT19 Mainline A340-300 replaces A330-300, 4 weekly
Frankfurt – Astana – Almaty 02SEP19 – 06OCT19 Mainline A340-300 replaces A330-300, 3 weekly
Frankfurt – Bangkok eff 31MAR19 Planned A340-600 service, replacing -300, has been reversed. A340-300 operates during S19, 1 daily
Frankfurt – Chennai eff 31MAR19 CityLine A340-300 replaces A330-300, 1 daily
Frankfurt – Detroit eff 31MAR19 A340-600 replaces 747-400, 1 daily (A330-300 also previously scheduled from 07OCT19 to 26OCT19)
Frankfurt – Osaka Kansai eff 31MAR19 1 daily 747-400 service cancelled, replaced by Munich – Osaka Kansai
Frankfurt – Philadelphia eff 31MAR19 747-400 replaces A330-300/340-300, 1 daily
Frankfurt – San Diego eff 31MAR19 3 of 5 weekly (Day 167) operated by A340-600, replacing A340-300. First Class on A340-600 sold as Business Class
Frankfurt – Tehran Imam Khomeini eff 31MAR19 Mainline A340-300 replaces 747-400 (Previous plan: A330-300). From FRA, A330-300 scheduled for limited-time period:
31MAR19 – 04APR19 Day x56
06APR19 – 11APR19 Day x57


Update 26.09.2018

„5 StarHansa“ titles removed on Boeing 747-8 D-ABYM (seen 25.09.2018)

Lufthansa will lease an Airbus A319 from „Star Alliance“ partner Adria Airways. The aircraft will be based at FRA and operated to Billund, Geneve and Stuttgart.  

Update 13.08.2018

On 12.08.2018 Airbus A320 D-AIQS is been spotted at Hannover Airport in a white variant of the Star Alliance colour scheme (same as the Singapore Airlines).

In July 2018 Oman Air expands its codeshare partnership with Lufthansa. Oman Air codeshare flights now from Frankfurt to
Barcelona, Brussels, Madrid, Prague and Vienna; more Lufthansa codeshare flights operated by SAS also were introduced in July from Stockholm (ARN) to Kiruna,
Ostersund and Umea.  

By end of July 2018 Lufthansa has removed all „Fanhansa“ / „Siegerflieger“ titles  on D-ABYI (Boeing 747-830 „Potsdam“). The aircraft now is operating in Lufthansa standard colours.

Update 23.07.2018

Lufthansa announces new service launch on short-haul markets in Europe, North Africa and Middle East. Planned routes from Frankfurt to Agadir, Eilat, Thessaloniki and Trieste with beginning of Winter schedule (29.10.2018; details below).

Update 05.07.2018

„Mannschaftsflieger „/ „Fanhansa“ titles removed on D-AISQ  04.07./05.07.2018 at FRA

Update 29.06.2018

According to Lufthansa,  all „Fanhansa“ related titles on B747-8 D-ABYI „Siegerflieger“ and Airbus A321 D-AISQ  „Mannschaftsflieger“ will be removed as soon as possible, probably around 15.07.2018.

From 28.10.2018 on Lufthansa will replace its CityLine A340-300* on Frankfurt –  Tampa by its own A340-300 (capacity increase).

With beginning of the Summer schedule on 25.03.2018, all of the Frankfurt – Verona flights will be transferred to Air Dolomiti, which will increase the E195 service from three to four daily flights. Most exiting news in 2017 was the announcment of Lufthansa, moving five Airbus A380 from Frankfurt to Munich**. The A380 will be used on the carriers Asia and US routes from Munich, while five A340-600 will return to Frankfurt replacing the A380s on flights to Hongkong, Beijing, Seoul and Los Angeles.

*all CityLine A340-300 wearing Star Alliance colors without Lufthansa titles

** see listing of transferred aircraft below


Aircraft replacements:

  • LH404 Frankfurt – New York JFK A340-300 replaces A330-300 (eff 28.10.2018)
  • LH426 Frankfurt – Philadelphia A330-300 replaces CityLine A340-300, 1 daily (eff 28.10.2018)
  • LH438 Frankfurt – Dallas/Ft. Worth A330-300 instead of A330/340 mix (eff 28.10.2018)
  • LH440 Frankfurt – Houston B747-8I replaces A380 (1 daily; eff 28.10.2018)
  • LH462 Frankfurt – Miami A340-600 replaces A380, 1 daily (eff 28.10.2018)
  • LH454 Frankfurt – San Francisco  A340-600 replaces A380, 1 daily (eff 28.10.2018)
  • LH444 Frankfurt – Atlanta (daily) A330-300 replaces CityLine A340-300 (eff 01.07.2018)
  • LH482 Frankfurt – Tampa (x236) Lufthansa A343 will replace CityLine A343 (eff 28.10.2018)
  • LH490 Frankfurt – Seattle A330-300 replaces 747-400, 1 daily (eff 28.10.2018)
  • LH542 Frankfurt – Bogota A340-600 replaces A340-300 (eff 28.10.2018)
  • LH590 Frankfurt – Nairobi (x16) sees Airbus A330-300 service instead of CityLine operated A340-300 (02.10. – 26.10.2018)
  • LH598 Frankfurt – Jeddah – Addis Ababa (x3) Privatair B737 will replace A333 (17.04.18 – 31.07.18 / 06.09.18 – 27.10.18) 
  • LH636 Frankfurt – Riyadh – Dammam 1 daily A346 (eff 25.03.2018)
  • LH728 Frankfurt – Shanghai Pu Dong  A340-600 replaces A380, 1 daily (eff 28.10.2018)
  • LH758 Frankfurt – Chennai A333 will replace A343 (23.07. – 27.10.2018, daily)
  • LH772 Frankfurt – Bangkok  A380 operation instead of A340-300 service (eff 28.10.2018)


New Lufthansa Frankfurt route updates (update 23.07.2018)

  • Frankfurt – Trieste

            LH228 Frankfurt – Trieste  56 CRJ-900
            LH228 Frankfurt – Trieste  x567 CRJ-900
            LH244 Frankfurt – Trieste  x26 CRJ-900
            LH244 Frankfurt – Trieste  2 CRJ-900

  • LH670 Frankfurt – Eilat/Ovda (47) two weekly flights A320
  • LH1288 Frankfurt – Thessaloniki (57) two weekly flights A320
  • LH1328 Frankfurt – Agadir (16) two weekly flights, A320
  • LH484 Frankfurt – Panama City (x4) six weekly flights, CityLine Airbus A343
  • LH562 Frankfurt – Jeddah (x3) A330-300 operation (eff 28.10.2018)
  • LH598 Frankfurt – Addis Ababa (x27) A340-300 (eff 28.10.2018)
  • LH736 Frankfurt – Nagoya 5 weekly flights in W18 with A340-300, instead of 3-5 weekly in W17
  • LH960 Frankfurt – Glasgow (1 daily A320, eff 26.03.18)
  • LH1288 Frankfurt – Thira (6; A320, eff 31.03.2018)
  • LH1474 Frankfurt – Chisinau (1 daily A319; eff 25.03.2018)
  • LH1476 Frankfurt – Zadar (67; A319 service, eff 28.04.2018)
  • LH1482 Frankfurt – Mahon (6; A319; eff 25.03.2018) 



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Lufthansa from 25.03.2018 to 28.10.2018 will operate two wet-leased Air Nostrum CRJ1000 aircraft on routes from Frankfurt to Gdansk (2 daily), Geneva (1 daily), Leipzig (1 daily), Luxembourg (2 daily) and to Zagreb (2 daily flights).

















A380 / A346 transfer Frankfurt  / Munich


Following Airbus 340-642 are transferred to Frankfurt (FRA) on 23.-25.03.2018:



Following Airbus 380 are transferred to Munich (MUC) on 25.03.2018:



* tfd 18.03.2018 / ** tfd 17.03.2018

Also Lufthansa between 16.03. – 20.03.2018 returned A340-642 D-AIHD / HH / HU from storage at Teruel and Rostock back to Hamburg and Munich.


Lufthansa Group Fleet (July 2018)


CarrierAircraft in Fleet
Air Dolomiti12
Austrian Airlines83
Brussels Airlines58
Eurowings Europe12
German Wings23
LGW Walther20
Lufthansa Cargo17
Lufthansa CityLine49