Airbus A350-900 / -1000

After the prototype’s first flight on 14.06.2013 (MSN001 / F-WWXB), another four test examples were build in 2013/2014. Frankfurt International Airport got in contact with the Airbus A350-941 on 25 July 2014, when F-WWYB (MSN005) came from Iqaluit (Canada, Baffin Island) and made the types […]

Last United Boeing 747-400 Frankfurt Service

On 28.10.2017 United Airlines ended its Boeing 747 Frankfurt service. The last run was made by N107UA (ln 1168), which was in use by United since 1998. Last landing in Frankfurt took place at 14:39 local time, when N107UA after a ten-hours flight arrived from […]