Position 5 – „The Dune“ and Ladder Positions on Runway 25R & 07L (08.04.2016)

1518-059596Spotting point „The Dune“ are remainings of anabraches of the river Main, dating back some thousands of years ago and is not raised during the construction of the new runway. In late 2015 the spotting position received an improvement when an all-metal platform was erected, which is opened since April 7, 2016. It enables visitors of taking photos from „above“ the fence to landing aircraft using  RWY07L or RWY 25R and the taxiays. Alongside the fence there are positions for usage of ladders.


Cargo airlines as AeroLogic, DHL or FedEx normally using the runway exit to the cargo apron on the West side of the new runway, to get to the North sided cargo apron.

Aircraft using RWY 07L will turn in front of the hill to go back, while after landing on RWY 25R the aircraft will leave the runway far behind the hill.

Disadvantage: Lamp posts, heat distortion possible. Low traffic in noon / afternoon.

The Dune can be reached by bus also, Line 752 to Russelsheim Bahnhof starts at Terminal 1, Busstop 24. Leave bus at Tor 26 and walk along „Airportring“. After 300m turn right, walk over Autobahn bridge and turn right again at the fire department training area. Distance from there to the Dune ca. 200m.

Below pictures were taken while standing on a six-step-ladder with RWY 25R in use. Ladder-positions are „L“-marked on the aerial photograph and easy to find.
Usage of steps or ladders is no problem, as the ladders are positioned ca. 1,5m or 2m away from the fence. 

Disadvantage: no shade and no official parking area around the evening position 07L / 25R.











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