Position 7 – Line-Up Runway 18

1518D-07-9384 Runway 18 line-up photo point, situated opposite to the cargo apron North. All aircraft lining up for RWY18, including the freighters from the Southern cargo ramp, have to hold on this point awaiting  take-off clearance.

It is also a good position for take-off photos from RWY 25C and landing on 07R. Line-up for 07C is visible, but heat distorsion over the distance might spoil the photos. Best time to use this position is afternoon until sunset.

Very good take off photos of RWY25C departure can be made from the turning area just 200m behind the bridge (direction to the Dune).

Disadvantage: heat distortion, approaching aircraft at RWY 07R are only to see after they have passed the forest.

How to find: follow „Airportring“ to „Holiday Parking“ / „Mörfelden“. The spotting position is located above the exit of the runway tunnel. Car parking is possible: two parking areas near the radar tower, some 500m south of the position – just five minutes to walk.


Position 7 GPS: 50.034740, 8.520236 / turning area GPS 50.037183, 8.521342